Pound Ridge is a quaint town on the eastern portion of Westchester County. In this location, each season brings different temperatures. The sunny summers and cool winters bring a variety of pests. At ABC Exterminating Inc., we are prepared to keep your home and business clear of unwanted creatures throughout the year.

Pound Ridge Pest Control

When pests enter your home, its structure may be at risk. Termites and similar creatures can cause tremendous damage to the wood inside of the walls. Also, rodents may enter and hide inside of your attic. While searching for food, they may chew your wires and cause a devastating fire.

These pesky creatures carry diseases as well. Other creatures may enter your kitchen and contaminate your food. Although it may be tempting to use DIY methods to remove infestations, they may not be able to totally eradicate the problems. It is better to work with a professional Pound Ridge pest control company.

Commercial Pest Control

When your Pound Ridge office or company facility becomes infested with uninvited pests, your reputation is at stake. No customer wants to do business at a place where creatures are running wild. Certain pests can cause serious damage to the structure of your building. Also, some creatures may transmit diseases to employees and clients.

When you work with a trusted commercial pest control company like ABC Exterminating, you gain peace of mind that top technology is used to protect your business from pests. We will inspect your property for pest issues and develop an effective solution. By using low-risk pesticides, everyone remains safe. In no time, all infestations will be gone for good.

Termite Control

Termites are scavengers that eat everything. They chew on wood and tunnel from underground. By the time damage is noticed, it may be too late. In fact, termites cause millions of dollars in damage each year. Don’t let these creatures destroy your property. A Pound Ridge pest control company has the tools and experience to get rid of termites and to keep them away. At ABC Exterminating, we are an authorized operator of the Sentricon System.

Sentricon is an environmentally-friendly bait system that is placed along the outside perimeter of your property. A termite carries the bait back to its colony so that complete elimination is possible. There is no drilling involved.

ABC Exterminating has been serving the local Pound Ridge community for almost six decades. Our entire staff is licensed and is trained to use the newest and most effective pest control methods. We treat problems and offer preventive maintenance before issues begin. Get a free quote on all of our pest control services! Give us a call at 1-888-794-8331 or contact us online.

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