Honeybees benefit home gardens and landscaping, but not all stinging insects offer the same benefits. In fact, some stinging insects cause damage to homes and businesses, such as burrowing holes into wood siding and fascia. Other flying insects, such as wasps and hornets, also build nests around doorways and patios and pose a threat to adults, children and pets.

Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets

Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets belong to the same order but differ from bees and ants. First, wasps act more aggressively around people and defend their nests in swarms. Second, bees have rounded, hairy bodies while wasps appear slender, smooth and shiny. Third, bees eat pollen, whereas wasps feed on other insects.

Hornets build large paper nests and also feed on live insects. They live in colonies of 100 or more residents and build their nests on tree limbs, rafters and eaves. Like other wasps, hornets can sting their victims multiple times and cause anaphylactic shock in people with bee-sting allergies. While only the female can sting, it’s hard to tell the gender of a wasp as you’re swatting it away.

Whereas hornets and wasps build paper nests above ground, yellow jackets build their nests below the ground or in wall voids. They feed on dead insects and often gather around picnics and feast on sugary drinks and foods. Their nests consist of an enclosed comb where they gather in colonies of 100 or more yellow jackets.

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