When people visit restaurants, they not only pay for the food but also the experience. Most people now access the Internet to read reviews when selecting restaurants, so it is important to make sure they leave with a good experience to write about. Pests are commonly cited in negative reviews. Every restaurant will have its share of imperfect food or staff, but pests are preventable and easier to remove than most people assume.

Today’s society is highly litigious, and many people have sued various businesses and won due to problems resulting from pest infestations. Restaurants have to worry about customers returning and what they will say. Pest infestations can result in lost income in addition to lost business. For example, a customer who has ants on his plate will certainly receive a free meal and possibly several free future meals if he even returns. It may also be harder to find good help. Workers who know a facility is infested with pests may tell others about the problem and discourage them from applying.

Another problem is state agencies coming to inspect the restaurant. If there are mice, cockroaches or other pests, there will be consequences. Some businesses are fined for severe infestations. In some instances, restaurant owners have had to close their doors because of untreated infestations, fines and bad reviews. It is crucial to have a good pest prevention plan in place to avoid these problems. It is equally important to work with a trusted professional company. ABC Exterminating can help keep your restaurant free of pests and has been a trusted name in Fairfield County for over four decades. We provide pest control for ants, bedbugs, rodents, bees, termites and other pests. Call us for an estimate.

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