There are hundreds of species of ants in North America, however, there a few ants in Connecticut which you are most likely to see in or around your home.

Carpenter Ants

These are the large black ants you might see crawling on old, decaying wood. Outdoors they make tunnels in dead trees or water-damaged structures. Indoors they burrow into the wood that makes up homes and garages. Signs of a nest include small piles of wood shavings and other debris. Carpenter ants enter homes through foundation cracks or moisture-damaged woodwork, or by squeezing under doors. While they don’t eat wood, they can weaken it, eventually causing structural damage.

Pavement Ants

Sidewalks and driveways are the home of these light brown to black ants. They usually nest outdoors in cracked pavement and under stones, bricks or boards. When they move indoors, they live in insulation, the space between walls and under floors. At just one-eighth of an inch, pavement ants can easily squeeze into any foundation cracks or unsealed openings. Once established indoors, pavement ants can contaminate food and may be very hard to get rid of.

Black Ants

These are the tiny ants that invade picnics and kitchens. They normally nest outdoors in lawns and gardens, but once inside can make homes in woodwork, inside walls and even along the edge of carpets. At less than one-sixteenth-inch, black ants fit through almost any opening. They often contaminate food left out in the open and can work their way into the pantry.

Eliminating ants can be hard. Different species need different approaches. If you suspect ants have moved into your house, give ABC Exterminating a call. We’ll identify the culprits and get rid of the nest.

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