If you spot one mouse in your home, expect to see even more in the future. Mice breed by the dozens and increase their populations in a short time. These pests get inside in a variety of ways, from cracks between exterior dryer vents to spaces between the roof. When mice threaten your family and home, let ABC Exterminating kick out those unwanted visitors.

Mice and Rat Infestations

Your home offers the ideal place for mice in search of food, water and shelter. Even the cleanest home attracts mice, and they take refuge in the walls and look for food at night. Just one mouse in your home can cause structural damage and food contamination.

Mice do more than scavenge for food in the pantry and the kitchen cabinets; they leave behind feces and dander wherever they go. Mice dander causes sneezing and other symptoms in people who have allergies, and the feces contaminate food areas and living spaces. Once they find food, mice chew through boxed goods and devour everything in sight.

Most rat and mice species carry and transmit diseases to people in the household. Some of the most common rodent-borne diseases include lymphocytic choriomeningitis, or LCMV, and hantavirus. You put yourself at risk of LCMV when you come into contact with rat and mice saliva and urine. Inhaling airborne particles from their droppings and dead carcasses can also lead to hantavirus infection.

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Need help getting rid of mice and rats in your home? Contact ABC Exterminating for all of your pest control needs. We specialize in rodent control and can create a plan of action specifically for your mice infestation.

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