If you own or operate a business such as a hospital, unwanted pests like rodents and insects pose a real threat to your integrity, reputation and financial success. Keeping commercial environments pest-free is critical, especially when they are designed to promote health and well-being. Without proper pest control, any of the following problems could bring a medical facility’s reputation to its knees.

Common Commercial Pest Problems and Their Consequences

Termites consume and tunnel through wood and cellulose materials. Infestations can quickly result in costly structural and cosmetic damages.
Bees can frighten visitors. If a patient or staff member with a bee allergy suffers a sting, it could result in a serious medical emergency.
Ants bite, invade living spaces, contaminate food stores and result in complaints. Fire ants on your property’s grounds will make spending time there unsafe and undesirable.
Rodents like rats and mice are associated with poor sanitation and disease. They may invade supplies and chew holes into food boxes, ducts or electrical wiring. The smell of rodent urine and feces is something no medical facility can justify.
Bed bugs are a common problem in hospitals, hotels, motels and apartment complexes, and they can quickly ruin your reputation. The small, flat insects infest bedding, upholstered furniture and clothing. Bites from bed bugs are generally not serious, but in some cases, they may require medical treatment. Patients and guests may become very upset if bed bugs invade their belongings and follow them home.

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