Beautiful, seasonal weather in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York, bring people out to local hiking trails, meadows and even their own backyards. However, the warm sunshine, fresh breezes and gorgeous scenery often hide a concerning problem. This area has a high number of ticks, which can bring dangerous diseases with them.

Problems with Ticks

In these areas, the deer tick, also known as the black-legged tick, is incredibly common and can transmit such diseases as Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and the more commonly known Lyme disease. Ticks usually look for wildlife that they can target, but when they begin to invade residential and commercial areas, they are more than happy to bite humans and pets, looking for blood as their regular food. While being vigilant about where you are walking, what you are wearing while hiking and how you are applying tick repellant can help, the best option for maintaining a safe, tick-free yard is to hire professional exterminators. By keeping ticks out of your yard, you can protect yourself, your children and your pets while increasing your peace of mind.

By using a professional pesticide provider, such as ABC Exterminating, you can rest assured that the job has been completed correctly the first time. Not only can our service providers treat your yard by creating a safe perimeter for keeping out ticks, but also we can show you ways to create a tick-free zone within your yard, such as by keeping tall grasses and brush away from the exterior of the home and mowing your lawn frequently.

Tick Control from ABC Exterminating

We know that it can be challenging to get rid of ticks from your yard once and for all. However, you can rely on our proven processes to create a safe zone around your yard. We begin by treating the perimeter of your property using tick spray and a high-pressure compressor sprayer. Our main focus is on the area at the edge of your lawn where it abuts a more densely vegetated area. By treating approximately 8 to 10 feet of grass around the edge of your lawn, we can create a buffer zone that keeps ticks away.

Once this is completed, our service providers also look for other sites around your home that could prove to be irresistible to ticks. For example, we will look for wood piles, areas of dead brush or even flower beds that need some adjustments to decrease the risk to your family. By completing these steps, we can keep you, your family and your pets safe without having to treat your entire yard and all of your landscaping. This also decreases your possible exposure to insecticides while still proving to be a solid defense against invading ticks.

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With complete tick control services, we can turn your yard into a peaceful sanctuary once again. Whether you want to have a safe space for your children to play outdoors or want to be able to relax around your fire pit with family and friends, you can trust ABC Exterminating to create a tick-free space. If you are ready to have your pest problems solved, contact our office today to schedule your service time.

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