ABC Exterminating Inc. Inc. of Norwalk, Connecticut was contracted by the owner of an apartment building in Fairfield County, Stamford, Connecticut. The building was experiencing a recurring problem with Carpenter Ants which previous pest control companies had not eliminated the Carpenter Ants. 

ABC Exterminating  Inc. specialist technician worked with the client to understand the situation and came up with some recommendations including: trimming tree branches around the building, eliminating water sources, changing the type of treatment process to more effectively eliminate their Carpenter Ant problem.  The Carpenter Ant problem was successfully eliminated in a one-month time frame. Our success was built on inspection, identifying the problem, educating the customer and implementing appropriate treatment plans including methods and techniques not used by other Pest Control Specialists.

ABC Exterminating Inc. Inc. of Stamford, Connecticut was contracted by the owner of a home in Fairfield County, Greenwich, Connecticut. The home had a Termite Swarm every year in April.  ABC Exterminating Inc. Termite specialist went out to the home to do an inspection. After talking to the homeowner, we learned that the client had a previous pest control company that did a liquid termite treatment on the house. The termite specialist found an area that was unable to be treated by the previous company.  ABC Exterminating  Inc. recommended the installation of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination Bait System around the exterior of the home as well as Sentricon Recruit Above Ground Bait Stations in the active interior areas. 

ABC Exterminating Inc. installed the Sentricon Termite Bait System and within three months had Termite colony elimination with no termite swarms in over five years. Our success was built on inspection, identifying the problem, educating the customer and implementing appropriate treatment plans, including the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System which the previous Pest Control firm was not authorized to use. 


ABC Exterminating  Inc. of Fairfield, Connecticut was contracted by the Safety Director of a food production facility in Fairfield County, Bridgeport, Connecticut had an ongoing rodent problem. The rodents had created tunnels underground and had access to plenty of food from the production floor. Previous pest control companies had used bait programs only with no success. We conducted a thorough inspection of the factory and grounds. Upon completion of our inspection, we concluded that a bait program only would not work because the rodents had an ample supply of food and no reason to consume the bait.

ABC Exterminating Inc. implemented a different type of Integrated Pest Management program that included an alternative bait and the installation of multiple types of mechanical traps, glue traps, and snap traps on the interior, and a bait program on outside perimeter of building using tamper resistant stations. This program began to work immediately. We continued to monitor the situation until the problem was completely eliminated and subsequently implemented preventive measures.  These included recommendations for rodent proofing, elimination of harborage, and sanitation. Again, our success was built on inspection, identifying the problem, educating the customer and implementing appropriate and customized treatment plans that differed from those of the previous pest control company.

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