Termites are destructive pests that reproduce at an alarming rate. When you have termites in your home or in other buildings you own, they can do immense damage. Furthermore, much of the damage that they do is often hidden behind walls and ceilings, and when found, is difficult to repair easily. Termites do billions of dollars in structural damage in the United States each year.

It’s vital that you identify a termite problem quickly and that you deal with it right away. The best way to know if you have termites is to have a regular termite inspection by a professional exterminator. How often should you inspect your home for termites? Read on and find out.

Signs of Termites

You may suspect you have termites in your home or other property due to observation of some telltale signs. Signs of termite activity can include swarming and discarded wings; termites shed their wings once they have found a new location to live, eat, and breed. You may also find termite excrement around your property which many liken to wood pellets or coffee grounds.

It’s also possible that you will see thick or thin mud tubes growing up your interior and exterior walls. Because termites don’t like light, they build these tubes as dark passageways to allow them to move around easily in the darkness and to help them avoid predators.

In extreme cases, you may find that your walls, floors and ceilings begin to sag from damage already done. At this point, the termites have fully infiltrated and you will be wishing you took care of this problem sooner.

However, in most cases, this visible indicator is not present until late in the game. In order to get ahead of the problem, you will need to determine the presence of termites much earlier, and to do so effectively, you will need to contact a professional.

Home Termite Inspections

In most cases, you will be able to avoid a complete termite infestation if you have a home termite inspection once a year. You may be able to stretch that frequency to a year and a half or two years, but for best results, schedule an inspection annually.

When your professional exterminator arrives, he or she will look for signs of termites inside your walls and in your basement, attic or crawlspace. Termites often enter homes near windows, so your pest control expert will look there, too.

Even if you do not have termites at the present time, it’s possibly they will be attracted to your home at a later date. An extermination professional will also be able to offer you some tips about ways to keep them from entering and infesting your home, helping you to keep pest control costs low in the future as well.

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