You’ve probably experienced this as a youngster- you are outside walking barefoot in your yard on a hot summer day. You are enjoying the sun, minding your own business, when all of the sudden you feel a sharp sting. Ouch! You run inside to your mother and tell her what happened and show her your red stinging foot. Sure enough, you have a bee sting. What do you do when you encounter a bees nest around your home? How do you keep your family safe from bees? Keep reading for more information, and three reasons as to why you shouldn’t handle bees on your own.

1. Avoid Stings

Bees can be harmful to humans due to their sting, but even more so if you have an allergy. Therefore, it can be even more dangerous to have an unexpected encounter with a bee. If you happen upon a nest, this increases the danger. You should not approach a bees nest or try to take care of it on your own, whether or not you are allergic to bees. These creatures are unpredictable and can swarm quickly.

2. Damage to Your Home or Building

Each species of bees creates their own unique nest. Bumble bees create their nests well-hidden underground, making it easy to step on them accidentally. Carpenter bees make their home in any sort of wooden structure on the outside of your home or outbuildings. Honey bees nest in hollow trees, under porches or pool decks and in wall voids. The damage caused by these nests can be costly to your home and your yard. However, handling the removal on your own could be even more devastating if you do not know how to do it properly.

3. Harm to the Bees

Bees are important to the ecosystem, as they help pollinate plants and food crops, as well as producing honey. They are vital to preserving our environment as their presence or absence helps us to determine if there is a problem. This is why you, as a homeowner, need to take serious action when you discover that you have a bee infestation. If you try to take care of the problem by yourself, you could harm the bees and their infrastructure, and, in turn, affect the surrounding wildlife.

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