Ticks live on wild plants in the North China Plain

Ticks are small insects that can feed on the blood of humans and animals. They populate areas that have a lot of trees, and they can jump onto the victim without being detected. Once they are on the human body, they can bite into the flesh without causing any sensation, and this makes it difficult to know if you are carrying a tick. Keep the following tips in mind when you are preparing to go for a hike at your favorite location.

Prevent Ticks, Hiking Tips

Ticks are insidious because they can bite you without being detected. They often jump on the head of the person and crawl slowly towards the scalp where they will bury their head and gorge on human blood. They will also move from a pet to a human, so people are at risk when ticks latch onto their dogs or cats. If you are hiking with a pet, you will need to be aware of this fact and take the appropriate actions.

Protect yourself from ticks by utilizing this information about hiking:

  1. Insect repellent is effective, but it will work only if you use it correctly. Deet is a popular insect repellent that is used by hikers, hunters and other people who want to enjoy the outdoors without picking up a tick or two. This repellent should be applied to various items like tents, shoes and the outer surface of other items that are made from fabric. The repellent can also be applied directly to the skin if the person is comfortable with it.
  2. Make sure that you always wear protective clothing when you are hiking. Cover as much of your body as possible when you are in areas that are heavily populated by trees and shrubs. Tuck the pants into your socks so that there is no opening available for any insects. Assume that an insect will find a way to bite you if they are able to do so and cover all areas of your body.
  3. Check your head and body periodically for ticks. These pests will often bite into your skin with no sensation, and this makes them difficult to detect. You should check for ticks every time you take a break for the best results.

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Our company specializes in a variety of pest control services, and we can also help you to understand the dangers of tick bites. If you or a pest has a tick lodged in the skin, you might need assistance in removing the pest from the tissue. Our pest control experts understand the risks involved, and we can serve as a resource for people who are interested in hiking without picking up ticks along the way. Contact ABC Exterminating today!

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