Mites and ticks, fleas and lice – these pests and more feed on your pets and wait for them to venture into their infestation zones. Though your pet may love to go outdoors, it’s a risk every time it takes off running in the backyard. Pests have their eyes on your pets, but there are ways to keep them off your furry best friends.

3 Ways to Keep Pests Off Your Pets

1. Inspect your pets before letting them inside.

Take a fine-toothed comb to brush through your pet’s fur every time it comes indoors. Check close to the skin for fleas and run your hand over its fur to check for irregularities and hard spots. As ticks fill up with blood, they’ll grow larger and risk infecting your pet with diseases. Performing regular pet inspections will help to keep fleas and other pests out of your home.

2. Clean pet areas and bedding regularly.

Fleas and other pests don’t always stay on your dog or cat. Sometimes they fall or hop off and infest its bedding area, eventually making their way into other parts of your home. Clean your pet’s bedding regularly, making sure to check for fleas, ticks and mites in the area before and after the wash.

3. Control outdoor pest infestations.

Rodents are infested with fleas and mites, so it’s important to keep mice and rats out of your yard and home. You can control the rodent population by reducing the clutter in the yard and taking away the rodents’ food sources. Move trash bins to the roadside to keep them away from your home’s foundation. In addition, maintain your lawn as rodents often nest in high grasses and weeds.

Preventative Pest Control for Your Home

You may not be able to eliminate outdoor pest insects for good, but you can keep them off your pet and out of your home. Contact ABC Exterminating to talk with our qualified technicians and to receive a free quote on our pest control services. Our experienced specialists will use preventative methods to curb pest populations in your yard. We’ll eliminate current infestations and provide recurring services to treat your home and to keep pests from harming your pets.

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