White Plains, New York, is a wonderful city for growing families, but it’s not uncommon for even the cleanest of area homes to experience a sudden infestation of a variety of pests. Here at ABC Exterminating, these are just a few of the most common pests that we are often called upon to eradicate in homes throughout White Plains.


Eastern subterranean termites are a huge problem in this area, and they can cause extensive damage to any home. These termites live beneath the ground, so it’s easy for them to tunnel into the wood areas of your home from beneath without being seen. A single colony can contain as many as a million individuals, and they’ve been known to completely consume all of the wood from inside the walls of a home. We understand that spotting the presence of termites early can prevent structural damage, and our technicians are specially trained to detect the slightest sign of a termite infestation. To ensure that your home is protected, we use only Termidor or Sentricon to fight termites.


Both mice and rats are a problem in area homes. The common house mouse is so small that it can easily gain entry into your home from the smallest of openings, and the large rats have no problem gnawing their way inside. These rodents may come inside looking for warmth, food or a nice nesting area, and they can cause significant damage to your home by chewing up insulation for nesting material and gnawing through electrical wiring. You and your family members may also become quite ill when exposed to the many diseases that they spread through their urine, saliva and droppings. We recognize the danger that these rodents present, so we offer a special plan of action that targets and eliminates these rodents once and for all.


Carpenter ants, pavement ants and black ants call New York home, and they each present some type of problem for homeowners. Each will invade your home in search of a promising meal, and even a small piece of pet food will bring them in by the hundreds. In the case of carpenter ants, they can deliver a painful bite that often breaks the skin, and these ants also tear up any wood in your home to use for nesting materials. Our technicians are trained to determine which type of ant has invaded your home, and we use special methods to eradicate them all.

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