Newtown has plenty of rainfall each year. The residential areas, favorable climate, and moisture make the area prone to several types of pests. From silverfish to bedbugs, pests can enter your home easily and spread rapidly. As their colonies grow, they can rob you of your peace of mind, create health risks and even damage your property. For these reasons, professional pest control is important. Prompt infestation removal takes away the threat and minimizes damages, and preventative services keep future problems from negatively affecting your health, property or finances.


There are several species of small ants that invade your home. They are usually in search of any food remnants available. Ants can build colonies under your home or behind the walls. They may find their way in from outdoors through screens, under doors and along windows or vents. Some ants bite and cause itchy bumps. The main risk is contamination of food. Carpenter ants are larger and pose another risk. They can chew through wood to build their colonies, and wood may be completely destroyed as their colonies grow. Fire ants usually stay outdoors but can come indoors in search of food. They are aggressive and vicious. Fire ants are known to sting multiple times, and their stings have venom. Some people have allergic reactions that require medical attention or hospitalization.

Stinging Insects

Bees, wasps and hornets are all stinging insects. Also, the velvet ant that is red and black is closely related to these pests. Bees may build hives behind the walls in your home or garage in some cases. Wasps usually build nests along eaves outdoors or in the ground. Hornets build nests in attics or trees in most cases. Hornet stings are especially painful and often require immediate medical attention. Also, hornets can sting multiple times and are aggressive. Wasp stings are painful and may trigger an allergic reaction in some people. The same is true with bees. You should never disturb a nest or hive. Most people are badly stung, burned by fire or hurt by chemicals with their removal attempts. Bees should never be poisoned since they are pollinators and are vital to our food supply. Professionals will relocate beehives and can safely remove wasp and hornet nests. They can also handle velvet ant infestations.


Newtown residents often see both dampwood and drywood termites. Drywood termites usually enter your home through doors, windows or vents. They attack wallpaper, textiles and any form of dry wood. Dampwood termites are usually seen outdoors on rotting bark or tree stumps. However, they may go indoors if there is damp wood. For example, you may find them behind the walls when there is water seeping on beams. Subterranean termites are the most destructive and will attack nearly any type of wood. They often chew support beams on your foundation. Since they are aggressive and multiply fast, damages can reach into the thousands fast. Some signs of termites may include shed wings, dirt tubes along outdoor walls and wood that is visibly gnawed or bubbled.

When you notice any type of pest in Newtown, contact ABC Exterminating immediately. We offer prompt removal services and can provide preventative treatments to keep pests away in the future. Please call us for an estimate.

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