Located on the coast of Connecticut, New Haven is a great metropolitan area to live. Residents especially love the city’s peaceful and quiet atmosphere. A trendy downtown area adds to New Haven’s charm. However, local homes and businesses must take the necessary steps to deter pests. It doesn’t take long for a small bug problem to quickly spiral out of control. Aside from creating an unhealthy living environment, pests can do a great deal of damage to your property.

Residential Pest Control

New Haven homeowners should take pest control very seriously. Failing to take action puts you at a far greater risk of experiencing an infestation. There are a number of different invaders that you need to worry about. Mice have long remained a threat to local residents. These flexible rodents can easily squeeze their narrow bodies into tiny holes. Once mice gain entry into your home, they will start to breed by the dozens. Aside from contaminating your family’s living space, rodents can create a fire hazard by gnawing through electrical wires. Bedbugs can also make your life at home a lot less enjoyable. While you’re sleeping at night, these tiny insects can discreetly suck on your blood. While bedbugs are known for annoying people with their itchy bites, they can also exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms. Of all the pests in New Haven, termites cause the most property damage. In only a few months time, a termite colony has the ability to completely ravage a wooden structure. This is why it’s so important to have your home inspected for termites on a regular basis.

Commercial Pest Control

Every business owner in New Haven needs a pest management plan. You never know when your business may come under attack. Restaurants definitely need to take extra precautions. If customers discover pests inside the eatery, expect your reputation to take a big hit. Understandably, pests are often associated with poor sanitation. Aside from turning away customers, an infestation could lead to a big fine from the local health department. Hotels need to make pest control a top priority as well. Creepy crawlers will definitely send visitors running for the hills. Supermarkets, apartment complexes, and warehouses also must safeguard against pests.

Available Pest Services:

  • Ant Control
  • Bedbug Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Stinging Insect Control
  • Termite Control

You can always trust ABC Exterminating to solve your pest issues. We have been serving the New Haven area for more than 50 years. Our licensed professionals promise to give you an extra peace of mind. Because we offer non-toxic treatments, the safety of your family and pets is never compromised. Don’t hesitate to call ABC Exterminating for a quote on service.

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