Small, stealthy and determined, pests can enter homes in the Danbury, Connecticut, area without warning via a multitude of tiny entry points that seem improbable to most people. While these invaders are certainly annoying, they may also be hazardous. Many pests are destructive; their activities damage the home and may even put its structural integrity at risk. Other pests have the potential to carry diseases and make people ill. That’s why quality pest control services are vital for protecting the health and safety of both your home and your family.


Why do termites strike fear into the hearts of homeowners everywhere? These swarming pests have an enormous appetite for cellulose, a compound found in wood products. Termites will squeeze through small cracks to enter a home and strip the cellulose from building materials, furniture and any other source they can locate. Their hunger can cause extensive damage that is often expensive to fix, so it is important that anyone who suspects termites might be present seeks professional assistance promptly. ABC Exterminating is proud to offer effective termite control services.


While there are many kinds of ants, three species are likely to plague Danbury homeowners. Carpenter ants are large ants that generally nest in decaying wood. Entering via foundation cracks or damaged woodwork, they will build nests by tunneling through the home’s wooden structures, weakening them. As their name suggests, pavement ants normally live beneath cracked pavements, stones and rocks, but these brown or black ants will also move indoors to nest in the hidden spaces behind walls and under floors. Black ants, tiny invaders that measure less than one-sixteenth of an inch in length, will also slip through small openings to nest behind the walls. Both pavement and black ants can create an unhealthy environment by contaminating food. While ants can be persistent, ABC Exterminating has the expertise to rid your home of them.


Whether it is through a gap near the roof, a crack in a dryer vent or some other hole in the building envelope, mice and rats delight in entering a home because it is a ready source of food, water and shelter. If you see a single rodent, there are probably many more lurking in your home’s hidden spaces because these pests multiply quickly. Making matters worse, they can contaminate your food and transmit various diseases. Even their dander and feces can make people very sick, so smart homeowners rely on professional assistance to remove rodents. ABC Exterminating can create a custom plan to put a stop to even the toughest rodent infestation.

Licensed and insured in both Connecticut and New York, ABC Exterminating is fully prepared to help you with all your pest control needs. Contact us today to discover more about our services or request an estimate.

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