Some people believe that once their house has been infested with termites, the ‘why’ doesn’t matter and all that they need to know is how they can get rid of them. It’s true that if you have termites, you should not hesitate to hire professional termite extermination services before the damage the termites do to your house is not repairable. However, to satisfy your curiosity, and take steps to make sure it never happens again, it’s good to know how they got inside in the first place. Here are where your termites probably came from and how to guard against another infestation.

What are Termites Looking for?

Termites don’t require very much. All they need is cellulose (wood), moisture and warmth, and they’ll be perfectly content. Unfortunately for people, most homes serve as great living conditions for these destructive pests. Unless you want to replace all the wood in your house with plastic and freeze your home until your pipes burst, there is not much you can do to make your place of residence less convenient for termites. You can, however, keep the moisture levels down by using a dehumidifier and by cleaning up any puddles that form around air conditioning units and laundry machines, therefore limiting termite’s ability to find consumable sources of water.

How do Termite Enter Inside?

Termites can crawl through openings as thin a credit card, so it is vital that you have your home inspected for any gaps in your home’s foundation or roof. No, termites cannot fly, but your roof can be a potential entry point for termites, mainly if any tree branches are hanging over your house. Termites can climb up trees and drop down onto your roof, causing mayhem from above. Make sure your roof is sealed up tight, and no branches are hanging over it that termites can jump from. Then, check around your foundations for cracks in the wood or brick mortar. Regular upkeep of your wood is critical, as termites can use even the slightest weak points as opportunities to dig out nests for their eggs. Termites will use anything they can chew through to build tunnels (or mud tubes), making their way further and further inside your house, damaging it along the way. Monitoring stations, liquid soil treatment and wood treatment are some methods of keeping them at bay.

Termites are some of the most destructive pests that exist, causing extreme amounts of financial and psychological harm to homeowners around the world. Fortunately, at ABC Exterminating, we have all the resources you need to get rid of these pests for good. For more information or to find pest control solutions for you, contact us.

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