Elementary school teaches us the benefits of bees, but when does the danger outweigh the benefits? Can we take care of a bee problem on our own?  Keep reading to learn when you need professional help to get rid of bees


These bees have round, fuzzy bodies and are bigger than honeybees. They live in colonies of 50-500 bees and build their nests in a variety of places. You may find hives in debris piles, underground tunnels and other spots that offer protection from the elements.

They are not particularly aggressive but may sting if threatened. Bumblebee stingers are not barbed, and they can sting multiple times.

Carpenter Bees

These bees look a lot like bumblebees, but they have smooth abdomens instead. They live in mated pairs and may nest communally. They dig long tunnels in wood that may compromise the structural integrity. The tunnels are about the diameter of an average pinky finger.

Trapping them may work. Painting the wood will keep them away next year, but professionals will get the job done for sure. 


These bees are thinner and less fuzzy than bumblebees. They live in the largest colonies of 20,000-50,000 bees. 

While not as aggressive as wasps, be careful when moving near their hive. If threatened, they may swarm and sting. Queenless hives tend to be more aggressive. A honeybee will sting once and then die.

Beesting Allergy

Call professionals if anyone near the bees is allergic to bee stings. Do not risk the chance of bee stings when the consequences could be fatal.

Located in a Wall

Bees sometimes build their nests inside a wall after gaining access. Don’t crawl through areas to remove the bees or dismantle large sections of your home. Medical bills and home repair bills will cost more than calling professionals to deal with bees. 

A Nest on the Edge of the Property

Bees may build their hives at the edge of your property, far enough away they do not pose any threat to anyone. Having pollinators around can be beneficial for the plants.

However, get a professional to remove the hive if it puts your mind at ease.

Whether you want bees gone or need advice on how to keep bees away, contact ABC Exterminating and talk to professionals with years of experience.

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