If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then you know the dangers that ticks pose to us and our pets. This means spraying yourself with bug repellent—preferably those that contain DEET—and giving your pets flea and tick medicine or a flea and tick collar. It also means wearing long-sleeved clothing and checking yourself thoroughly for ticks after being outside.

As we enter tick season, keeping your guard up will help you stay tick-free all summer long. Keep reading to learn more about tick season and when it ends.

When Does Tick Season Begin?

Warmer weather brings ticks out of hibernation. Depending on where you live, the season could last for most of the year, or it could only last for a few months. Typically, once March begins, the ticks awaken and start the hunt for food. This is when it is especially important to keep an eye out for ticks. Wear insect repellent and long-sleeved clothing. 

If you find a tick on yourself, remove it as quickly as possible with tweezers. If the tick appears swollen, that means that it has been feeding on your blood for a while. Clean the site of the bite with soap and water. Over the next few days, closely monitor the affected area for signs of Lyme disease, such as fever, chills, fatigue and achy joints. A rash in the shape and appearance of a red bullseye is a classic indication of Lyme disease. If you develop these or other symptoms, be sure to seek out medical attention immediately. 

When Does Tick Season End?

Ticks go into hibernation once the weather turns colder. As frosts become more consistent and freezing temperatures remain, these pests become dormant. In areas where temperatures stay consistently warm, it is important to keep vigilant about ticks. Certain regions always have tick activity due to the warm weather. 

Remember that ticks carry diseases, such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Be smart about wearing loose-fitting clothing, wear insect repellent and take a shower after being outdoors. Check yourself and pets for ticks, especially under the armpits, knees and arms. 

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