When Labor Day comes around and the weather begins to cool, I am sure you imagine the bugs and other pests will hide away until spring. However, there are several pests to watch out for this fall specifically found in the tri-state area.

Camel Crickets

These strange looking crickets are common in the tri-state area. They are nasty little creatures as they will eat anything they can find, even each other. Camel crickets do not pose a threat to humans or pets, but they do cause other damage in your home. Because they eat anything and everything they find, your clothes and curtains are at risk of getting damaged.

Subterranean Termites

Termites are the most destructive pests out there, especially for the tri-state area. They live in colonies consisting of workers, soldiers, and queens. These colonies “…are defended by soldiers, and one or more queens lay eggs to produce more termites. Termite queens can live for several decades and produce 2,000 eggs per day, and a mature termite colony can house millions of workers.”

Bed Bugs

These blood-sucking bugs are more than a nuisance since they pose a threat to humans. They are very small, which makes them hard to eradicate. The bugs have very painful bites that itch and swell. Bed bugs are most active at night when it is dark and you are sleeping. With that being said, it makes it hard to catch them and kill them.

American Cockroaches

These six-legged insects are reddish brown with a faint yellow color on their heads. I am sure you have seen these pests crawling around your house. Originally thought to have come from Africa by ships in the 1600’s, these cockroaches have been infesting homes for a very long time. A telltale sign that you have a cockroach problem in your home is if you find droppings near dark spaces. These droppings may look like they are from mice, but it is actually a cockroach.

Enjoy the cooler weather of fall and a pest free home this year. Get your appointment set up with an ABC exterminator today. To schedule an appointment or get answers to any questions you may have, contact ABC Exterminating today.

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