Bed bugs thrive on blood meal, so their preferred habitats are dark, warm places near enough to humans where they can feed at night. These tiny pests do not live on humans or pets, but they hitch rides when possible, increasing the distance and speed at which they can spread. Bed bugs have been detected in some of the most unexpected places.

1. Inside Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks on bedside stands provide good cover for the tiny bugs. There are crevices that provide access to the dark and warm interiors, and the clocks are typically positioned close to the bed, making it convenient for the bugs to travel the distance to their human target. They go back to the crevices of the clock to hide as they digest their blood meal.

2. Behind Switch plates and Outlet Covers

Bed bugs are tiny and almost flat, so it is easy for them to squeeze behind switch plates and outlet covers to hide when they are not feeding. Check for signs of bed bug infestation in switches and outlets that are very close to or are touching the bed. These hard surface materials are not likely to show the small dark stains that show up on fabric, but look for evidence of eggs, eggshells or live bugs behind switch and outlet covers.

3. In the Hems and Folds of Curtains and Drapes

Check your bedroom drapes for signs of bed bugs. Pay close attention to hems touching the floor as these are the parts most likely to harbor the bugs. They are easy to reach, and the hems and seams provide the dark and cozy hiding place that the bugs need as they hibernate briefly to facilitate digestion of their meal.

4. In the Seams and Crevices in your Vehicle

Bed bugs are known to travel about five to 20 feet from an established hiding place to their meal. However, these pests are pretty good at hitching rides on humans, pets and items that are moved around. They mostly feed at night, but they may remain active during the day if they are hungry, or they have the opportunity to hitchhike to a different location. Check the seams of your car seats for proof of bed bugs especially if you travel and stay in places with active infestations.

5. In the Drapes and Upholstery of Movie Houses/Theaters

Due to their hitchhiking ability, bed bugs can travel wherever their hosts go. Bed bug infestations have been detected in busy movie houses where hosts and hiding places are plentiful. 

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