Known for its beautiful cities and scenic landscapes, Connecticut remains one of the best states to live in America. However, residents must take the necessary measures to protect their home from pests. Here are some of the most common household pests that we tend to encounter.


No homeowner looks forward to being plagued by cockroaches. They are some of the filthiest pests known to mankind. Over the years, roaches have earned a reputation for causing sickness. If you happen to spot even a single roach inside your residence, take action immediately! Because roaches tend to multiply so quickly, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be facing a full-fledged infestation.


Mosquitoes tend to become especially active during the warmer months. However, outdoor lovers should take the necessary precautions well ahead of time. Among the best ways to deter mosquitoes is to eliminate sources of stagnant water on your property. Even a small puddle of standing water can attract hundreds of these blood-sucking insects. Although the typical mosquito bite will only cause minor symptoms such as itchiness and redness, there’s always a small risk of an infection.


No other pest in the state causes more structural damage than subterranean termites. In some instances, the cost of the necessary repairs will be thousands of dollars. You definitely don’t want your home to become a target. If you find discarded termite wings in your window sills, it’s time to call an exterminator before the problem gets out of hand. These wood-eating termites thrive in moisture-rich areas such as crawlspaces. Although they live underneath the soil, subterranean termites will come out to reach their above-ground feeding spots.


Ants are tiny insects that can cause big-time problems. Carpenter ants can gradually wreak havoc on your home. Although carpenter ants don’t actually consume wood, they burrow into it while making tunnels. Meanwhile, black ants can be just as problematic. Once inside your home, black ants will head straight for the kitchen. The risk of food contamination becomes a serious concern.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are bad news for any homeowner. While you’re sleeping at night, these bugs will quietly feed on your blood. Although bed bugs don’t carry life-threatening diseases, they are known for exasperating allergy and asthma symptoms. Although doing things such as washing your sheets and vacuuming the floors on a regular basis can help deter bed bugs, a professional exterminator can get rid of them for good.

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