There are bugs who have seasons like termites, at least swarming season, but they stay around causing damage all year round. Bed bugs and ticks are other nuances that ABC Exterminating and Lawn care can resolve for you.

Bed Bug Control New Fairfield, CT

Bed bugs are unpleasant and stealthy characters in the bug world that cause some issues you’ll prefer not to have. If you see any blood spots or tiny streaks on your sheets of unknown origin, then call us right away. This is one of the disturbing features of the bed bug scenario. DIY bed bug control is not fruitful long-term if it works at all.

It’s a good idea to do an inspection on the seams of your mattress. If you see flat, oval or round small brown bugs they could be adult bed bugs. Call us and get ahead of any hatching that’s harder to control.

Termite Control New Fairfield

Termites are very destructive and are to be taken very seriously. They can literally eat a home to destruction in a matter of years and by the time you see them, it’s already happening. So, before you see any signs such as the below.

  • Sawdust piles
  • Wings
  • Termite Swarms
  • Mud tunnel tubes on walls
  • Small holes on baseboards

Call us so we can do routine termite control and head off the damage to your home investment.

Tick Control

Whether you have animals or not, ticks are a real health hazard. All it takes is playing out on the lawn in a tick prevalent area and you may have an unwanted hitchhiker. One who can, carry Lyme Disease and a few other nasty diseases. The good news is, they’re easy enough to prevent by eliminating the source.

We provide effective and long-lasting tick control in New Fairfield, CT. Call us before flea and tick season for peace of mind all year round.

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