Branchville is a small neighborhood in Ridgefield, Connecticut known mostly for its Metro North station. Located about an hour from New York City, it’s a great place for commuters to reside. Unfortunately, Branchville is not immune to the pests that affect Connecticut and the surrounding areas. Residents may have occasional problems with ants, ticks, and other pests both inside and outside the home.

ABC Exterminating & Lawn Care is here to help. Our experienced pest control professionals offer the following services:

Residential Pest Control

We understand how stressful it can be to have a pest problem in or around your home. Our experts will create a unique treatment plan based on your pest control needs to make sure we don’t overlook anything.

Clients can choose between a range of plans based on the severity of the infestation. Our one-time treatment comes with a six-month service guarantee for most insects. Our quarterly plan provides year-round protection against a wide variety of pests. With this program, we can target pests as they reach their season of highest activity. We also offer a monthly treatment plan, which allows for maximum pest control and prevention.

Commercial Pest Control

ABC Exterminating & Lawn Care provides services for many types of businesses, including restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers, warehouses, and apartment complexes. Our services will help you comply with city and state guidelines and maintain a safe, healthy environment for employees and customers.

We use advanced technology to safely and thoroughly remove pests from your business and keep them from returning. Our Integrated Pest Management program includes inspections, baits, traps, and monitors that help to minimize human exposure to pesticides.

Industrial Pest Control

Our industrial pest control experts use state-of-the-art technology to get rid of infestations while minimizing the risk of exposing people or the environment to harmful pesticides. We understand how important sanitation and safety are for manufacturing facilities, industrial warehouses, and industrial parks. Our services comply with third-party regulatory programs and will allow your establishment to return to your usual operations quickly and safely.

ABC Exterminating & Lawn Care can help with a variety of pests and pest control services:

An infestation can damage your home, affect your health, and make you feel stressed and uncomfortable. You don’t have to deal with this problem on your own. If you have a pest control issue, contact ABC Exterminating & Lawn Care today to get a service quote.

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