Orange, CT, was named after William III, Prince of Orange and King of England. Several rivers flow through the town. Nature reserves, walking trails and the beauty of four distinct seasons are part of the area’s appeal. The diverse natural landscape creates a unique ecosystem inhabited by wildlife, birds and insects.

When wildlife enters areas of human settlement, conflict often occurs. Wildlife and insects can spread disease, damage property and contaminate water and food. ABC Exterminating Inc. helps residents monitor and control pest infiltration in homes and businesses.

Orange Pest Control

No matter how clean your home may be, pests are experts at finding food, water and shelter. During winter months, rodents and wildlife seek shelter in attics, woodpiles, garages and infrequently used nooks and crannies. Bedbugs, termites and carpenter ants pose year-round problems.

At ABC Exterminating Inc., we rid your home of pests using integrated pest management techniques. We minimize the use of pesticides and chemicals. Instead, we focus on eliminating food sources and nests. We identify places pests can enter your home. We look for sources of water, such as leaks under sinks. We recommend ways to store food to deter pest infiltration.

Outside, we look for popular nesting places, such as woodpiles near walls, flowerpots and old tires. Tree branches and plants that touch siding or roofing offer a convenient way for pests to enter your home.

We tailor our Orange pest control treatments to suit your situation. Depending on the situation, we use baits, traps and chemical treatments to eradicate pests. After infestations are gone, we recommend ways to keep pests out of your home.

Pests We Service:

Pest Control for Orange, CT Businesses

You want a healthy, clean environment for employees and customers. Pest infestations pose health hazards and can damage goods and equipment. ABC Exterminating Inc. has experience in all commercial sectors, including hospitals, restaurants, offices and warehouses. Our services cover all types of pests, including bats, mice, birds and insects. We use a variety of techniques to keep your business pest-free.

You may opt for routine commercial pest control treatments to keep pests out of your establishment for good. We work with your schedule to minimize inconvenience. Our services are compliant with local, state and federal guidelines for pest management. We use chemical treatments approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and practice safe use of pesticides.

Termite Control

Termites can cause extensive damage to your home or business before you know there is a problem. We tailor termite treatments to your needs. Treatment includes identifying nests, creating barriers that deter termites from entering the premises and eradicating colonies. We use baits, chemicals and monitoring systems to identify termite activity and keep termites out of your home or business.

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