At ABC Exterminating, we are a full-service company that has provided residential and commercial pest control throughout Connecticut for more than 50 years. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff has the skills and tools to locate and eliminate an infestation quickly, including those caused by common culprits, such as rodents, termites and bed bugs.

Rodent Control

Rodents can enter a home or business through small exterior holes or cracks in search of food and a safe place to build a nest. Once inside, they cause substantial damage to your home and business as they gnaw on wood and other materials, such as electrical wiring. This weakens structural elements and may cause a fire. Rodents, as well as their fleas, ticks and other parasites, pose a health risk as they harbor and spread harmful diseases. Many of these diseases can be life threatening, especially to those with compromised immune systems. Depending upon the type and number of rodents, it may require a combination of baits and traps to capture and remove the colony. As a result, many do-it-yourself pest control measures are ineffective.

Termite Protection

There are several destructive species of termites. While some arrive and infest buildings from the air, others use subterranean tunnels. These insects can gain access to your home or business through loose mortar, settlement cracks or spaces where utility lines pass through the foundation. A colony can number in the millions as a single queen can lay thousands of eggs per day. Because termites hide in walls and other out-of-the-way places, an infestation can go unnoticed for years. These insects eat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which results in more damage than many natural disasters. As they hollow out wood, it leaves the material structural unsound. It is essential to treat an infestation as quickly as possible and then implement a plan to make your home or business a fortress against these destructive invaders.

Bed Bug Treatments

Despite their name, bed bugs are not restricted to bedrooms. The nocturnal pests can infest other areas of your home or office, including carpets, curtains and sofas. Hiding in small cracks and crevices, they travel from place to place in shoes, clothing, luggage and boxes. An infestation may go unnoticed for weeks. Their bites cause lesions that resemble mosquito bites. Repeated bites may cause an allergic reaction, such as an itchy rash. Aerosol sprays and other chemicals can disperse the bugs or fail to kill their eggs, which enables the infestation to spread within your interior spaces. Without specialized training and the use of proper techniques, bed bugs are a difficult pest to eradicate.

Reliable Pest Control

If you notice signs of any pest infestation, contact our office rather than use the generic approaches of many consumer pest control remedies. We customize the solution required to take care of your unique situation. Our high level of customer satisfaction has kept us in business for more than five decades. Do not hesitate to call for a quote.

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