ABC Exterminating is here for home and business owners in Bedford, NY, whenever they come face to face with pests in their property. It’s important to act fast because once pests like ants and rodents get in, they’ll breed and spread throughout your property. For this reason, we want to explain what it is you should look out for in the event of a bedbug, rodent, or ant invasion.


Some think that bedbugs only dwell in dirty, run-down places, but that isn’t the case. All that these pests want is a warm, snug dwelling that’s near a food source; this is why they often hide in people’s beds. They can enter through cracks in the exterior or travel on your clothes, shoes, or luggage. It’s possible, then, that you picked them up after a hotel stay.

Bedbugs are brown, oval-shaped, and about the size of an apple seed. They generally attack at night, biting on our exposed skin while we sleep. They can go for months without feeding, though, so just because you haven’t been bitten doesn’t mean there are no bedbugs.

Let our team come over and inspect your property. We’ll check the mattress, box spring, and bed frame as well as any cluttered areas. Should we find any of the telltale signs of bedbugs – excrement stains and cast skins, for example – then we’ll recommend treatment. You can consider a whole room heat treatment or a more traditional fumigation method.


Mice and rats can enter through holes in the roof or cracks in the dryer vents, and once inside, they’ll salvage what they can, including any fiberglass insulation, in order to build their nest. They also enter through basements, especially when there’s shrubbery or other overgrowth pressing against the property. Of the two, rats are more active and more enterprising; they can jump and run up your wooden beams, and they’ll eventually burrow into the rest of your home if left alone long enough. The perennial danger of rodents is that many of them carry bacteria like salmonella and viruses like hantavirus.

ABC Exterminating will remove the rodents after a thorough inspection. You can choose between baiting and trapping and request exclusion as a way to prevent future infestations. Mice could be taken care of using only the tried-and-true mousetrap. Afterwards, we’ll clean and sanitize the area because any form of contact with rodent droppings, urine, or saliva can result in sickness.


The most common ants you’ll find are carpenter ants, black ants, and pavement ants. Carpenter ants do the most damage because they like to burrow into moist wood and can readily fly from one breeding ground to another. Like other pests, they’ll get in through cracks and even under doors in search of warmth. Pavement ants similarly enter through unsealed openings and dwell in insulation. These ants are attracted to sugary food and can contaminate anything that you accidentally leave out.

Trust us to provide thorough elimination. While recurring services will likely be needed, we can fumigate the infested areas and even set up a baiting system, targeting the entire colony.

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