No one wants to share their Westport property with pests like ants, termites or rodents. If these unwelcome invaders target your home or business, they can cause physical damage and endanger the health of a building’s occupants. Unfortunately, these pests can and will infest a building with very little warning, quickly becoming a major problem that requires a professional solution. Fortunately, you can count on ABC Exterminating’s pest control services to protect you and your property.


Famous for troubling picnickers, ants can cause headaches for homeowners as well. Several species of ants are known to enter homes, making ant infestation the most common pest problem reported. Generally, they trickle in through any of the inevitable cracks in a home’s envelope, searching for moisture and food. Once inside, their incredibly rapid maturation means that ants can rapidly become a big problem. Some ants will actually damage wood; others sting. They also present a health hazard since they can contaminate food and may carry dangerous infections. Often discovered when they are spotted, ants aren’t easy to get rid of; each species requires different tactics. The experts at ABC Exterminating can quickly determine what kind of ants are bugging you and take the necessary steps to remove the nest and eradicate the infestation.


Termites resemble ants and are often mistaken for them, but they have stockier bodies that lack the ant’s defined waist. They live in hidden, underground colonies, continually scouting the surface for food. While these insects prefer to munch on decaying wood like fallen trees, they’ll settle for the wood used in your home’s construction. Any wood that is in contact with the ground is a potential entryway for these tiny pests. Unfortunately, much of their damage is hidden, making it difficult for the everyday person to detect them. Signs of termite infestations can include a visual sighting of a termite swarm, discarded termite wings, and mud tubes in places like basements, garages and along wooden trim. Although the damage may be unseen, it’s a serious problem that can affect the structural integrity of your home and require expensive repairs to correct. ABC Exterminating can provide regular inspections to insure that these sly pests haven’t invaded your home. If termites are discovered, our professional team can treat the structure to eliminate them and prevent them from returning.


Mice, rats and other rodents like to make their homes near humans because our residences offer a steady supply of necessities like food, water and shelter. Entering homes through a variety of gaps and cracks, they speedily build nests inside walls and in other hidden areas and begin to reproduce. Despite their small size, rodents pose sizeable risks to homeowners. With their tendency to gnaw, they can cause structural damage, and their mere presence brings health risks. Rodents often contaminate food, and their urine, feces, saliva and dander can all carry dangerous diseases. Just breathing the air in a mouse-infested building can put people at risk. If you see a mouse or discover droppings, ABC Exterminating can help. Our team has the professional expertise and equipment needed to quickly and effectively remove problem rodents.

If you suspect pests have invaded your home or business in Westport, Connecticut, don’t wait. Contact ABC Exterminating today to learn more about our pest control services and request a quote.

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