Weston is a small city that many residents are happy to call their home. Unfortunately, many pests like to call it home as well, and pests can quickly ruin any family’s peace of mind when they invade a property. While there are many varieties of pests, these are some of the most common and problematic ones in the area.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are on the rise throughout the entire country. They are picked up in workplaces, schools, hotels and a variety of places. Bed bugs are small, round, flat and brown in appearance. Since they are nocturnal and quickly move away from light, they can be hard to find. Look for them under furniture cushions, in carpeting and in mattresses. A distinct musky smell is often noticeable near an infestation, and bed bugs are known for leaving their shed exoskeletons along with reddish-brown traces of excrement. Bed bugs bite humans but can live without a blood meal for many weeks. Their bites appear as small itchy bumps in a straight line. Scratching them can lead to a secondary skin infection. Although bed bugs were nearly impossible to remove with the methods used in decades past, modern professional methods are effective in eliminating them and preventing future infestations.


Small rodents such as mice and rats can enter the home through cracks under doors, along windows and in the foundation. Although most homeowners have the misfortune of finding rodents by seeing them scurrying around the house, an infestation may also be identifiable by chewed food containers and small droppings. Some mice carry the harmful hantavirus in their droppings. Rats can carry listeria in their urine and can spread it throughout the home. Larger rodents such as possums and raccoons are sighted outdoors. They may carry rabies and should never be approached.


While there are several different types of termite entry methods, they can enter homes through windows, doors and cracks in the foundation. Most types use dirt tubes to tunnel their way into homes and garages. They can live behind the walls and destroy a building in a short amount of time. By the time most homeowners discover an infestation, it is large and has resulted in extensive damages. Termites are often hard to find. Try knocking on wood that should be solid such as support beams. If the wood sounds hollow, this could be a sign of termites behind the wall. Look for piles of shed wings, swarms and visible areas of chewed wood or textiles. Termites will eat a variety of papers and textiles as well as wood.

Only professionals can remove these types of pests effectively. Home removal methods are unsafe and usually only cause the pests to find even harder-to-reach places to colonize. The professionals at ABC Exterminating have years of experience in removing bed bugs, rodents and termites quickly. For a suspected infestation or to set up a pest prevention plan, contact ABC for an estimate.

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