Pest invasions threaten homes and businesses throughout Stratford, CT. Infestations by common insects can result in discomfort, health hazards and expensive structural damage. Learn more about three types of pests commonly found in the area.

Bed Bugs

Infestations by these highly invasive pests have continued to rise over the past decade. Bed bugs feed on the blood of human and animal hosts, often for about five minutes before stopping to digest. These bugs are microscopic in size, making them difficult to spot in your home or on your pets. Bed bugs can enter the home on new or used furniture, in luggage, backpacks or purses, on clothing, and on your body or your pets’. Bed bugs may also enter through duct work from a neighboring apartment. They can cause rashes and large blisters, but another less widely recognized danger comes in the form of DIY treatments. Many victims purchase treatments that, in addition to being ineffective, can be highly dangerous. It’s best to trust pest control experts who know which bedbug treatments to use and how to safely apply them.

Stinging Insects

Bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets all produce painful stings. The severity of the damage caused by a stinging insect varies but can include nausea, swelling and infections. Allergic reactions can be quite serious or even fatal in rare instances. These dangerous pests cause over a half-million emergency room visits each year, so keeping them out of your home and yard is essential. Yellow jackets often enter the home via tears or holes in screens. They build nests in the ground or in eaves and attics. Wasps are attracted to cathedral ceilings, and their nests can be found on porch ceilings, tree branches, shrubs, deck floor supports, rafters and attics. Hornets nest between walls, in attics, and on bushes or trees. Bees often make their way into houses through fireplaces, gaps in walls, and any hole at least 1/4″ in diameter.


Ants are adept at making their way into the smallest cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior. Common entry points include holes or gaps around doors and windows. These pests are attracted to kitchen areas in search of water and food — the more sugary and greasy, the better. While generally not dangerous, ants can cause structural damage to your home. Infestations by carpenter ants, the most common ants in the area, can be costly. These large ants often burrow into wood, especially moist wood, in the process of building nests. They leave behind tunnels known as galleries, and the damage can be serious. Pavement ants, so named because they often nest below driveways and other paved areas, may head indoors seeking food. While they don’t pose a threat to your home, these non-aggressive ants may sting when cornered.

If your home has been invaded by bed bugs, stinging insects, ants or other pests, contact the professionals at ABC Exterminating. We restore comfort and safety to homes and businesses with effective pest control treatments in and around Stratford, CT.

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