With some 15 miles of hiking trails and plenty of opportunities for fishing and boating, the lovely city of Shelton, Connecticut, is a definite haven for area wildlife. However, residents and business owners don’t want to have to deal with creatures that invade their living and working spaces. Fortunately, here at ABC Exterminating, we’ve been taking care of the pest-control needs of this community for some 50 years, and here are a few of the insects that we are regularly called on to eliminate.

Bed Bugs

It’s unsettling to know that a visit to a hotel or other infested property can result in an entire colony of bed bugs taking over your home. Before you know it, these blood-sucking insects can infest all of the beds, furniture, linens, clothing and stuffed toys that are located within your home. Bed bugs generally only come out of their hiding places at night, so you may not realize you’ve been infested until your family begins to wake up in the mornings covered in bites, which can be painful and even cause a serious infection or allergic reaction. Our trained technicians are available to clear your home and belongings of bed bugs.

Stinging Insects

Most area residents don’t mind the honeybee population because this type of bee works hard to benefit our gardens and landscaping, but the removal of such stinging insects as yellow jackets, hornets and wasps are often necessary. These insects often build nests that contain hundreds of individuals that can sting your family and your pets repeatedly, and this can cause severe pain and even death to those with severe allergies. It’s not worth the risk to allow these insects to nest near any place where humans and their pets live, and we have special techniques that we use to remove the nests and their inhabitants from your property.


Eastern subterranean termites are a huge threat in this area, and these hungry insects can cause extensive damage to your home with colonies that contain millions of individuals. Because these termites nest underground, you can face an unpleasant surprise when you finally discover that they’ve tunneled into your walls from below and have completely eaten away the wood. A yearly professional inspection is a great way to discover termites before they wreak havoc, and we use the quality products Termidor and Sentricon to effectively protect your property from termites.

Quality Pest Control in Shelton

If you have concerns about these or any other problem insect, then please feel free to contact us here at ABC Exterminating today. Give us a call at 203-866-1233, and our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will be happy to give you an estimate.

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