Although Byram, Connecticut, may be a town of only 4,200, it has the trendy vibe of a much larger city. It is also filled with history as the area supplied much of the stone needed for such structures as the base of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. While the area has been seen as a sleepy hamlet since its bustling days serving the nearby Abendroth Brothers Foundry, today it is turning a corner and waking up to new ambitions. Only a 30-minute drive from Manhattan, it offers residents an excellent place to unwind from the busyness of the metropolis and enjoy quiet streets with plenty of wood-frame houses.

Byram’s moderate climate and the building materials used on many residential homes and area businesses makes this a great place for numerous pests to call home as well. From unseen termites to rodents, ABC Exterminating can help you find relief from any pests that are bothering you so that you can enjoy a comfortable home, business or yard.

Residential Pest Control

Our service technicians can provide a wide array of effective pest control measures to help homeowners eliminate numerous types of insects, rodents and other unwanted pests from their yards. We use non-chemical measures whenever possible for safety. We also offer customized plans so that homeowners can get the exact services that they need within the appropriate timeframe. For example, we have quarterly and monthly service programs as well as one-time treatment options that come with six-month guarantees.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests also love to make themselves at home in all types of Byram businesses. From restaurants to condominiums, we can provide treatments to protect businesses from pests that can ruin equipment and reputations. In addition, all of our treatments are designed to help businesses comply completely with local and federal laws. Our safe baits and monitors stop current problems while ensuring that no problems arise in the future.

Industrial Pest Control

Industrial plants and factories can benefit from our thorough pest-control treatments. We also provide complete inspections prior to treating to determine the best option. All treatments are designed to minimize risks to employees, equipment and the environment.

Services ABC Exterminating Offers

At ABC Exterminating, we offer a variety of services, including the following:

Whether you are a homeowner with an ant problem in your kitchen, a hotel owner with a bed bug issue or a factory owner with concerns over centipedes in your workplace, ABC Exterminating can help you. Our quick service times and thorough inspections and treatment plans will give you quick yet complete solutions.

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