North Salem is a beautiful community home to picturesque places like Baxter Preserve and its amazing trails that allow visitors to pass through areas filled with various types of trees, flora and fauna. However, people are not the only ones who love living here as many pests such as termites, rodents and ants also like to call the area home, and a number of them end up making their way inside North Salem houses.


Termites can make their way into North Salem homes via a variety of methods. A branch touching the side of your house can provide them direct access from that tree to your living area. Regardless of how they get to the side of your house, once there, they can fit through openings as small as 2 millimeters wide. Be especially watchful if a lot of rain has fallen recently as moisture can cause enough water damage to create openings large enough for them to squeeze through but not large enough for those openings to be perceptible to you. The most harm that termites usually cause is to the structure of homes as they can cause quite a bit of damage to wood, oftentimes for years without the homeowner noticing. That’s why it’s important to do what you can to prevent them from coming in and be especially watchful of warning signs such as discarded wings, wood damage or mud tubes leading to your home.


Although rodents are much larger than termites, you might be surprised at just how small an opening can be that will still allow them to squeeze through and get inside your home. It’s actually fascinating to watch one squeeze through an opening 3/4 inch wide although that’s also the last thing that you want to see when the opening is where you live. Some of the openings that they can take advantage of include pipe entry holes, electrical wire holes and areas surrounding loose siding. It’s important to keep these pests outside as they can transmit diseases, some of them deadly, and they can damage your home by doing things like gnawing through insulation and electrical cords.


Due to their small size, ants can also get inside through cracks in your foundation or other openings. They are also known for entering through open windows as well as through your normal entryway: the front door. Make sure that areas such as these are sealed to keep them out as best as you can. However, sometimes people actually bring them inside. Perhaps a toy has been left outside, and your child brings it in, not realizing that one or more ants are now inside it. Note that some ants can transmit diseases, often doing so while traversing over food that has been left out, while other ants, like termites, can cause damage to wood.

If you are experiencing any issues with pests such as termites, rodents and ants in your home, make sure to contact ABC Exterminating so that we can help rid your home of these insects and small animals.

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