New Milford is close to several bodies of water. With high year-round precipitation rates, there is plenty of moisture for pests to thrive. Also, the food and gardens of residents provide more attractions for various types of pests. These are some of the most problematic pests in New Milford and the surrounding area.


There are several variations of ants in the area. Fire ants are common outdoors. They build mounds and may construct them near your garden. Fire ants are aggressive, and their stings deliver venom that may cause an allergic reaction. They are known to sting multiple times. Harvester ants are similar in the way they attack and deliver venom with a sting. Carpenter ants are larger and are known to destroy wood, which is where they build their colonies. There are also house ants and other smaller species that get into your food supply and contaminate it. Also, ants can invade your peace of mind. Tiny ants may bite as well, and their bites are itchy. If you own a business that serves or sells food, ants can damage your reputation.


You can pick up bedbugs at the gym, at school, at work or nearly anywhere. They are most commonly associated with hotels. Bedbugs have tiny brown bodies that are flat and round. Their physical structure and elusive nature make them hard to get rid of or find. You may see them tucked along the seams of your mattress or on furniture. Since they are so tiny, you may only notice their reddish-brown excrement that looks like dirt. Some people notice a strong musky odor near an infestation. Bedbugs feed on blood but can live more than a month without it. Their bites are usually lined up in a straight row. They are red, itchy and bumpy.


Two of the most common indoor rodents in the area are mice and rats. Deer mice are known for carrying hantavirus in their droppings. The virus can be fatal. Rats are known carriers of listeria, which is spread by their urine. Rats and mice drop feces and urinate on furniture, carpeting, and even food supplies. Many people try to poison them, which is a big mistake. These pests often carry the poison to their hiding places and die. In some cases, their hiding place is behind the walls. This creates an expensive and smelly mess to fix.

There are also outdoor rodents such as possums and raccoons. They prefer to live around garbage cans or under porches. Both pests eat whatever food they can rummage from the garbage. They are known to attack and bite when provoked or approached. Since they can carry rabies, they pose a major health risk to you and your family.

How To Get Rid Of Pests In New Milford, CT

Never try to remove pests yourself. Most of them find harder-to-reach areas to live, and the infestation only worsens at your expense. When you see any of these pests or other problematic invaders such as spiders and wasps, contact ABC Exterminating. We have been serving the area for years and have experience in removing all types of pests. Please contact us for a removal quote or for a quote on preventative treatment plans.

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