Located in Fairfield, Greenfield Hill is among America’s nicest neighborhoods. Its peacefulness puts your mind at ease. Residents love the area’s natural beauty. Large shade trees and winding roads help create a rural atmosphere.

While Greenfield Hill offers a high quality of life, local houses and businesses must watch out for pests. Are you wondering, “Is there pest control near me?” ABC Exterminating & Lawn Care proudly serves Greenfield Hill and the surrounding area.

Residential Pest Control

Be sure to take the necessary measures to keep pests away from your home. Bugs and other critters could be eyeing your property from afar. When the weather begins to get hot and muggy during the summer, mosquitoes will be out.

For millions of years, these infectious parasites have caused trouble. If you want to create a safer atmosphere for your family and friends, be sure to seek mosquito control.

After your yard has been treated by a mosquito control professional, you’ll greatly appreciate the extra peace of mind. As colder temperatures move in, mouse control becomes especially important. These tiny rodents can damage your belongings and create unsanitary living conditions. Mouse control will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Bed bugs also rank among the most annoying household pests. Within a couple of hours, a bed bug treatment can get rid of these insects. The heat created during a bed bug treatment kills them on contact. Our Residential Pest Service is perfect to get rid of pests in your home.

Commercial Pest Control

If you own commercial property in Greenfield Hill, don’t make the mistake of not investing in pest control. Even a seemingly minor bug problem can hurt your bottom line. Termites tend to cause the most damage. By eating through drywall and wooden structures, these pests can ravage a building from the inside out.

The good news is that a termite treatment can quickly solve the problem. After exterminators expose the colony to a termite treatment, don’t expect to have any more problems. Some of the properties that require commercial pest control include office spaces, retail stores, restaurants, daycares, healthcare facilities, churches, and schools.

Industrial Pest Control

Warehouses, industrial parks, and manufacturing facilities all need to take pest control seriously. Not only can pests create poor working conditions, but they can also ruin products. Our Industrial Pest Service’s low-risk pesticides promise to keep you protected.

Pests We Service

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