Homeowners often take the signs of a mouse infestation lightly. Rather than resort to hiring an expert, many are content to set a few traps and expect the problem to resolve itself. Though it doesn’t get much consideration, the real dangers of a mouse infestation are cause for major concern. The threats to your home and safety are worse than you may realize, and initial signs of a problem should inspire quick action. Here we’ll discuss why mice are even more harmful than you think.

Mice Multiply Quickly

Many traps fail to address this problem. Getting rid of a single mouse can seem significant, but mice reproduce at an incredible rate. A house mouse can have up to 10 litters annually. With each of those litters containing around seven babies, it can take less than a year for the number to reach into the hundreds if left unchecked. Mice infestations need to be addressed urgently if you want to avoid the need for costly extermination.

Mice Cause Extensive Damage

With the likelihood of multiple mice occupying your home, the chances of accelerated damage increase. When building their nests, mice are indiscriminate in choosing a location. They’ll settle in walls, attics, basements, and under floors, causing widespread damage to any
wooden structure in the process. There are many other forms of destruction that yield serious safety issues and expenses. Mice are resourceful and will use just about anything suitable for a comfortable nest. They’ll use
upholstered furniture, loose paper, and even the insulation in your walls for nesting materials.

Unfortunately, mice also need to gnaw constantly and will chew through drywall, plastic pipes, and electrical wires, causing critical malfunctions and a severe fire risk.

The Diseases Mice Spread

There are many health hazards that a mouse can bring into the home. It’s common sense to clean up any droppings and throw away contaminated food, but a deeper clean is usually required. Rodents carry a variety of diseases and transfer them to surfaces as they travel throughout the
home, leaving traces of urine, feces, and saliva behind.

Contact an Expert

We understand the risks of mice infestations and take your concerns to heart. For over 50 years, our skilled team of professionals has been providing education and effective pest removal services to our community. If you have questions about proper prevention and treatment techniques or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact ABC Exterminating today.

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