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What's The Difference Between Termidor and Sentricon?

If termites are active on your property, you need an effective treatment plan that will work quickly and protect completely. Termidor and Sentricon are two products that we use to control subterranean and drywood termites. Both treatments are equally effective, but there are several differences. Termidor is a liquid termiticide that's injected into the soil around your home. Another version of this product is applied directly to the damaged wood. Sentricon uses solid cellulose-based bait that's placed in self-contained canisters around your property. Here's some information that will give you a better idea about the advantages of these options.

Using Termidor to Control Termites

Termidor is one of the most effective liquid termiticides. It's nonrepellent, so it kills termites that forage above and below ground. The active ingredient is fipronil, a neurotoxin that affects insects. This chemical is also found in medications that control fleas and ticks. Termidor acts slowly enough that foraging workers have time to carry the insecticide back to the colony. However, the results are relatively fast. Usually, termites are eradicated within three months.

The application process is similar to other liquid termiticides. Our crews will dig trenches around your home's foundation and drill holes into the soil so that the product creates a robust barrier. The process is involved, but it's less invasive and uses significantly less water when compared to conventional liquids. Regulations prohibit the application of Termidor in the state of New York. If you live in Westchester County, we can recommend another option that's approved for use in your community.

Using Sentricon to Control Termites

Sentricon uses bait containing an insect growth regulator called noviflumuron. This insecticide prevents all members of the colony from maturing. It acts slowly, but it's highly effective. The colony will gradually decline over the course of three months to a year depending on the extent of the infestation, soil temperatures and other factors. The bait stations are inconspicuous and easy to install without disturbing your lawn or landscaping.

Noviflumuron rarely affects nontarget species, and it has a minimal impact on the environment. Your ABC Exterminating technician will place bait stations around your property. Initially, the stations are loaded with wood blocks to determine where the termites are active. Then, the busiest containers are reloaded with bait. This system requires very little maintenance and can remain in place to provide ongoing protection.

Termite Inspections and Treatments

To learn more about treatment options or to schedule a termite inspection at your home, call ABC Exterminating. We serve customers in Westchester County, New York, and in cities across southwestern Connecticut.

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