Suffice it to say that the best day in your life is not a day when you spot a mouse or rat in your home. The first impulse is to scream and jump onto the nearest chair for safety. Even though rodents are small creatures, they can quickly create havoc in your house. For one thing, mice and rats tend to leave droppings everywhere they roam. You can find the droppings on your kitchen counter, kitchen floor or inside your cupboards where you store food products. If you think about unpleasant incidents occurring in your daily life, seeing rodent droppings is at the top of the list.

Rodents Require Shelter and Food

Rodents may decide to live in your home even if the environment is clean. For one thing, a rat or mouse needs shelter. If your kitchen or dining room floor contains even the smallest number of crumbs left over after dinner, rodents are attracted to the tasty morsels. With warmth and food as the determining factors, rodents do not hesitate to find entryways into your house. If you want to keep rodents from living inside your home, sweep all the crumbs away after each meal. Throw out the trash every night as part of your daily routine.

Do Not Tempt a Rodent to Live in Your Home

An open box of cookies is tempting to a tiny mouse hiding somewhere in your kitchen. So, take the time to seal open food product boxes inside plastic zippered storage bags or containers with lids. If your dog or cat tends to leave food in the food bowl, throw the leftovers in the outdoor waste bin. Prevent temptation by making sure that the outdoor trash bins are covered at all times. The smallest crack or hole is an open invitation to a desperate mouse or rodent. Sealing up all visible cracks and holes offers one way to keep rodents outdoors.

Rodents Love a House Filled With Clutter

One way to prevent rodents from entering your home is to eliminate clutter. If you have piles of old newspapers and magazines strewn about your living room floor, expect to have a few new inhabitants in your house. Rodents are passionate about your clutter. A messy house provides mice and rats with convenient hiding places. They may even breed baby rats and mice in their hideaways. If you do not feel thrilled about the possibility of rodents breeding babies in your house, take the necessary steps to get rid of clutter.

When all else fails, contact ABC Exterminating to help solve issues with rodents. Your technician will develop a plan that eliminates rodents while also preventing a new infestation of mice and rats.

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