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We're Thankful for Your Business Since 1966

ABC Exterminating Inc. is thankful for the business that customers have shown since the company opened its doors in 1966. From common household pests, such as fleas, ants, mice and roaches, to those that tend to be a little out of the ordinary, such as hornets, wasps, Indian meal moths and bed bugs, the company has the products necessary to prevent and remove pests from the home in a safe manner. The company serves residents and business of the Fairfield County Community and surrounding areas. This is a family-run business that focuses on providing the best customer service possible using only the best products that are on the market.

Staff members are courteous and professional with every job that is performed, explaining how pests can impact the home and the people who live in the home or how pests can affect the business. Technicians also explain how the products work to get rid of the pests, suggesting ways to keep pests away after treatments have been performed. There are a few different control solutions that the company offers, such as traditional termite control or Sentricon Colony Elimination.

As a business, the staff members understand that the customers make the company a success. That is why everyone from the person who answers the phone to the person who goes to the home to spray for pests cherishes each and every customer who uses the services provided by ABC Exterminating. Each person who works for the business is concerned about the safety of the people and the pets in the home as well as the structure of the home in general if there is a significant pest problem. There is a commercial team dedicated to providing services to restaurants, retail stores, processing plants and offices as these are larger areas that sometimes need more treatment than a home would. ABC Exterminating ensures that all customers are treated with respect and will offer the same professional service in the future.

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