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Traveling? Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

If you're traveling, you need to check your hotel room for bedbugs as soon as possible. These annoying pests will be more than happy to catch a ride with you to your home. Follow these steps to spot bedbugs in your room and to keep them out of your own items.

Immediately check your bed, including the linens, for any small, brown, oval-shaped critters. They should look something like an apple seed. Make sure to lift your mattress up to inspect underneath for any hiders: bedbugs usually hide during the day and will flee if they see any non-sleeping creatures near them.

If you don't see any bed bugs there, move on to the furniture in the room. They like to make homes deep in chairs and couches, in their cracks, beneath cushions, and anywhere in which they can snoop inside. After that, check out all the drawers and behind the headboard, the dressers, the picture frames, and the mirrors.

Should you find any in your room, immediately request a different room from the hotel manager. You simply don't have time to deal with the situation in your room, and staying there practically guarantees you'll take home bedbugs. Make sure the new room is far away from your current room.

Immediately inspect your new room for bedbugs. If you continue to find them in multiple rooms, it's a good idea to request a refund and rent with another hotel.

These steps should be more than enough to keep you safe from bed bugs. However, if they show up in your home anyway, make sure contact a professional pest control specialist as soon as possible.

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