Cockroaches in your living space are not pleasant sight. If your dwelling is an apartment, there’s a chance you’ve seen them in the hallway, near the dumpster or worse yet, across your kitchen floor. 

So, how can you keep roaches from descending on your apartment? Here are a few tips to consider. 

Get Your Apartment Manager Involved

Start by learning what the apartment management is doing to prevent cockroach infestations. Make sure they dispose of piles of paper and other debris—especially from the garbage and recyclables area. Staff members should also clean garbage and recycling bins to remove food residue.

Ask that the grounds crew seals up cracks, gaps and holes in the building and around pipes to prevent entry. They should fit pipes with mesh or drain devices to keep the creepy crawlies out. Weatherstripping doors and windows and maintaining screens also keep roaches from entering the premises.

Protect Your Home

Your apartment management may not share your zeal to keep roaches away, but you can keep them out of your apartment unit. Seal up small openings in your own home with caulking and add weatherstripping to your doors and windows.

Use wire mesh to cover vents that lead to the interior of your apartment. Roaches may enter the premises, but you can keep them away from your home.

Clean up After Yourself

In a perfect world, we would all try to keep food in the kitchen and dining area, but who doesn’t enjoy snacking in the living room, the office and maybe even the bedroom? Clean up all traces of food to make our apartments look like the wrong place to colonize.

Routinely clean your garbage disposal, trash bins and recycling bins to eliminate food particles and scents that attract roaches.

Store Food Properly

Keep uneaten food in sealed containers and clean up any spills. Pet food attracts roaches and should also be stored—not left out in a dish. Like any other pest, cockroaches will continue to look for ways to evade our defenses and bring all the filth they crawl through wherever they go. Don’t stand alone against them. Contact us at ABC Exterminating, and let our professional pest control technicians keep the roaches away for good!

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