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Three Ways to Prepare for Termite Swarms

Residents and business owners who face a pest infestation in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY can always rely on the professional services of ABC Exterminating, Inc. We provide a highly trained service team with expert knowledge about the best methods and techniques for eliminating termite infestations in your area. Our company is completely dedicated to providing critical information to customers about termite infestations so that you can make an informed decision about how to deal with the problem.

Termite Infestations

Our company has a reputation for excellent pest control in this area. We advise our customers to take precautions to minimize the damage of a termite infestation. A few simple techniques can help you to reduce the potential harm to the foundation of your home as well as the interior areas. When termites swarm, you should always close off any areas where they might be able to enter the home.

Prepare for Infestations

Termites are always searching for wood, and they will quickly destroy wooden floors, beams picture frames and other valuables before you have a chance to get a pest-control professional to your home. There are three simple steps you can take to reduce the harm of a termite infestation. These precautions should be performed well in advance of a swarm.

Once the termites begin to appear, you might not have enough time to take these simple steps. Make sure to perform these three precautionary measures well in advance:

1. Check for any water damage to exposed areas of your basement or attic. Once the termites gain access to moist wood, they can breed rapidly. Check for busted water pipes, leaky roofs and flooded basement areas.

2. Look on the exterior of your home for clogged rain gutters, exposed drains and other areas where water might collect. Make sure these areas are clear of debris to prevent flooding. Remove any stagnant pools of water including bowls and other items that might collect rain water.

3. Clear out any weeds and other plants from the area around your home’s foundation. Termites will be able to use these plants to gnaw on the base area around your home, which might damage the structure. This should be avoided because it is expensive and difficult to repair.

Advantage Termite and Pest Control

Our services are available for anyone who is suffering from the damage caused by termite infestations. These pests can damage your home and yard, so start right now to build a pest-free future. Contact ABC Exterminating, Inc. for all of your immediate and long-term pest control needs.

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