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Three Horrifying Spider Control Fails

Most of us like to think that we are more or less in control of the spider issue in our homes. Barring unforeseen infestations, we go about our daily lives with little to no fear of close encounters of the arachnid kind. These three stories, however, are a good reminder that the next spider control fail could be right around the corner for each of us.

Three Horrifying Spider Control Fails

Fail #1: Woman's Itchy Ear Caused by Spider Living in It - When a Chinese woman visited her doctor to consult with him about an itch she'd experienced in her ear for over five days, they were both in for big surprise: a spider had crawled into her ear canal and made his home there. Fearing the spider would bite her if he used tweezers to remove it, the doctor instead flushed the spider out with a saline solution. 

Fail #2: Gift from Secret Admirer Leads to Spider Horror Story - Kelly Kincaid-Fuette had already received several gifts from her secret admirer before she was given a vintage bowling ball with an added gift inside one of the finger holes: a black widow spider complete with an egg sac.

Fail #3: Arachnophobic Tourist Escapes Death after Spider Bite - While on a trip to Mexico with his girlfriend, tourist Bobbi Harris was bitten by a brown recluse spider why lying in bed at night. Fortunately, although the injury led to a missed flight and a horrible infection taking weeks to heal, Harris had an injection right away, rendering the bite non-lethal. 

Although DIY spider control methods at home have shown a measure of success, you never know when life will lead you to your own spider control fail. At least if you consult with a pest control professional, you can be sure that your home is secure. 

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