The Sentricon® System Termite Awareness Tour Tackles the Termite Threat in Monroe

The Termite Caddy and a 7-foot termite visit AAA ABC Exterminating Inc on Wednesday, April 10

MONROE, Conn., April 4, 2019 — While a 7-foot termite strapped to the roof of a hearse may seem fearsome, those who have dealt with the dangers of actual termites up close know the real threat is much larger. Millions of homeowners risk losing billions of dollars in property damage this year. Some will lose their homes altogether. Against this unseen termite threat, the best defense is awareness.

Beginning March 11, during the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA) Termite Awareness Week, the Sentricon® System Deader Than Dead Tour will travel across the country for the second year in a row, crossing 22 states to alert homeowners on how they can stop termites dead in their tracks. NPMA estimates termite damage costs U.S. homeowners $5 billion each year, so the Deader Than Dead Tour team is hitting the road to show homeowners how to best protect themselves from harm.

Deader Than Dead Tour

The six-week Sentricon® System Deader Than Dead Tour will educate homeowners on the importance of preventive termite control and the value the Sentricon® system provides. Featuring the “Coroner’s Caddy” — a 17-foot hearse outfitted with a 7-foot dead termite replica on its roof, the tour will visit 12 cities during peak termite swarm season.

The Deader Than Dead Tour makes its eleventh stop in Monroe, Connecticut, with AAA ABC Exterminating Inc. Since 1966, AAA ABC Exterminating has been serving the pest control needs of the Fairfield County community with top service and expert knowledge. AAA ABC Exterminating has relied on the Sentricon® system since the product’s inception nearly 25 years ago to preventively protect New England homes from termites and eliminate existing infestations.

“Our mission is not only to protect our community, but to improve it,” says Emmett Lee, AAA ABC Exterminating president. “We’re supporting the Monroe Playground Foundation and Kids Kreation in their effort to replace the outdated, wooden playground at our local Wolfe Park with a new structure that will provide children with a fun and engaging play space for many years to come. Because the structure is PolyForce plastic lumber, it’ll be completely termite-proof.”

“We’re also offering our services to protect the space from all pests, because we remain committed to the overall public health, safety and enjoyment of our community spaces,” says Lee. “We’ve offered our expertise free of charge during the design and construction phases to make the new structure as insect-proof as possible. This includes the structural exclusion of potential nesting sites, selection and placement of foliage and shrub varieties, and location and type of trash receptacles. Overall, we’re helping minimize future needs for chemical applications, especially for stinging insects.”

When the Coroner’s Caddy visits Monroe on April 10, AAA ABC Exterminating will host a community cookout event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 115 Main St., Monroe, featuring a barbecue buffet lunch for all guests, programming information from local community groups and giveaways, including a free Sentricon® system installation treatment.

Other stops for the Deader Than Dead Tour include:

Follow along with the Coroner’s Caddy and the Deader Than Dead Tour to learn more. Visit the official site for the Sentricon® System Deader Than Dead Tour and follow the Sentricon® system on Facebook and Twitter for live updates.

The Sentricon® system: a clear solution to the hidden problem 

Termites are an unseen problem, and damage is rarely covered by homeowners insurance. More than 4 million homes across the United States have been protected by the Sentricon® system, but tens of millions are vulnerable to attack. The best solution for termites is proactive protection and awareness. Homeowners can avoid damage by having an annual inspection done by a professional and preventive termite protection in place.

Using scientific knowledge of termite behavior, the Sentricon® system provides complete termite protection by eliminating the entire termite colony, including the termite queen. It was designed and developed to stop termites from being able to eat, reproduce or survive. No other product has been as thoroughly proven effective as the Sentricon® system, which means it keeps termites out of homes and gives homeowners peace of mind.

To be sure you aren’t the victim of termite damage, schedule an inspection with your local pest management company. You can start by finding your local Certified Sentricon Specialist.

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