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Termite Control is Important for All Seasons; 3 Things to Look For

Termites don't understand seasons. As long as conditions are favorable, termites can destroy a property or dwelling year-by-year when left unmitigated. Though specific seasons are dedicated to spawning, swarming, and producing young, the feeding frenzy never ends.

This is why termite control is so important all year. Stopping them from destroying property and producing new termites to aid in the process, protects your home or dwelling all year long.

Is your property protected? Here are some things to look for.

1. Wings that are left behind. Discarded wings are a sign that termites are nesting after swarming for a new colony. Typically found near windows, doors, or any entry point to a home, discarded wings means termites have set up shop. Termite wings are all roughly the same size, so when testing, it's easy to discern the difference between them and ants (who have two pairs of different wings).

2. Pencil-sized mud tubes on the outside of your home from the ground to an entry point are a sign that termites have made entry. To verify that the mud tubes are active, remove a section of tube in the center and check for activity. If termites are present in the tube, then they are also in your home or property and require professional extermination.

3. Structural damage on wood behind walls, floor joists, or anywhere else in your home, are a surefire sign that termites are present. As termites chew out routes through the wood, the pathways weaken the structure, destroying its integrity. Finding this type of damage is usually best suited for a professional, because cutting out sections of wall or looking for finite details in flooring requires special skills and tools.  

These signs, unfortunately, are not always present with termites. Which is why regular inspections, no matter the season, are important to protecting your home from termite damage.

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