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Taking Control Of Your Mouse Problem

So your house is infested with an entire family of mice. They have spread beyond just a few individual mice and seem to sprawl everywhere in your home. You need to take control of your mouse problem ASAP. But how?

Mouse traps will only let you down. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but mouse traps are simply not the answer when it comes to dealing with the annoying and difficult problem of mouse infestations. They can help take care of a handful of the problematic little buggers, but they just aren't designed to handle a full-on mouse problem.

And what about poison traps? Aren't those effective? Again, they might work well if you have a mouse or six to kill, but when your mouse population starts topping 20-50, they lose their effectiveness. Remember: mice recognize the scent of their own dead and will flee if an area of your home smells too much like dead mice.

What about DIY traps, such as water buckets? Are those effective? Sometimes, but it really depends on how many mice you have in your home. Do you really think two-dozen mice are going to walk up the plank of your water bucket and fall to their doom? You'll get a few, sure, but mice aren't that dumb: they'll quickly avoid that bucket (and all others like it) like the plague.

So what do you do? Simply give your house over to the mouse infestation and call it a day? No! You call a professional pest control specialist as soon as possible. They will assess the situation and eliminate the mice from your home as quickly as possible.

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