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Spring Is Coming: Dealing With Early Rising Lawn Pests

While it's still technically winter, a lot of areas are going to start seeing some warmer weather soon. And with that warm weather, you're going to see the rise of early spring lawn pests. These critters rise from the seeming dead every year to ruin your lawn and pester your nerves.

Why do these pests start showing up when there could still be snow on the ground? Mostly because the temperature has started to rise. When the temperature rises, lawn pests either rise from their slumber or start hatching. Bumblebees are the most likely pest you're going to see early in the spring, as they can withstand pretty low temperatures.

As the snow melts and the ice breaks, you're probably going to see moles next. They stay far underground in the winter to avoid the cold, but are more than happy to rise in the early spring. Their thick fur and warm blood means they are more likely to show up fairly early.

Next, you'll start seeing pests like mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, and even white grubs popping up in your yard. The latter problem is particularly annoying: those pests will eat the roots of your grass and plants and leave you with a brown, barren, and wasted yard that is devoid of green.

So what can you do when lawn pests are popping back up this spring? Do you simply let them go wild and give up the fight? No! You call a professional pest control expert immediately and have them room them out of your home. Professional pest control ensures that your yard is nearly pest-free when the warmth of the sun hits full on in summer.

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