Termites, while usually harmless to humans, can do a number on your home’s structure. They can be found in your walls, under your house and even on your wood furniture. Basically anywhere there is wood, there could possibly be a termite or two. Thankfully, along with the efforts of pest control centers like Fairfield Termite Control, there are treatment options they use for getting rid of a termite infestation. Two of these are Sentricon and Termidor.


One of the perks of Termidor is that you do not actually have to have a termite infestation to have it applied in or around your home. Getting a pest control specialist to use Termidor in your house will ensure that no termites come along in the future. But just what is it?

Termidor is undetectable to termites and is made in a liquid form. Therefore, it can be applied on surfaces of wood and the termites will never know it’s there. Not only does ingesting this liquid off the wood eliminate the termites, but they can also be carriers of the liquid. Once ingested, it gives them the opportunity to transfer the killer solution to other termites in their colony. Termidor is said to be the number one, fastest and most effective way of eliminating termites and keeping them away for good. 


This option for termite removal is known to be more environmentally friendly than Termidor or other liquid removal methods. Small Sentricon stations are placed throughout the soil surrounding the home and are said to kill off an entire colony instead of just individual termites. Similar to Termidor, Sentricon uses a form of bait that eliminates the termites. Although, this particular solution is made of only small amounts of one active ingredient to get rid of the termites and the termites will take the bait back to the colony.

When we take a look at both of these options for termite removal, I would choose Sentricon for the removal of my termites. Not only does it sound safer for my family, but it is better for the environment. Both options sound as though they would be effective and easy, but personally I would rather have the Sentricon stations placed in my soil to allow termites to infest and take the bait back to their colony. 

Whichever option you choose, ABC Exterminating INC. has them both and is ready to help you out. Call them at 1-888-794-8331!

Sentricon vs. Termidor: Which is Better for Termite Treatment? Pest Control in Milford CT

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