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Roach Control for the New Homeowner

Although buying a new home is not exactly the same thing as buying a new car, there are certainly a few parallels. First, there's the thrill of novelty. Second, there's the added bonus of pride: you've bought something you really wanted and are proud to show your friends and family. Third, you don't anticipate having to deal with problems related to wear and tear for the next few years.

Unfortunately, both cars and new homes can turn out to be lemons. Although an infestation of cockroaches in a new home isn't as disastrous a problem as, say, a cracked foundation, it's still an annoyance that no new homeowner anticipates.

Reasons for Roach Control Issues in New Homes:

Reason One: Flawed inspection. Although both new homes and homes up for sale undergo rigorous inspections, problems sometimes slip through the cracks. It is always possible that the roach infestation began after the inspection took place. 

Reason Two: Storage. While waiting for your new home to be available, perhaps you kept some of your items in storage. If the standards of the storage facility were not kept up to code, it's possible that roaches infested your stored items and made it into your home that way.

Reason Three: Carryover. It's possible that you may have brought roaches with you from your former residence, even if you didn't seem to have an overt problem with them before the move. Some of your items, stored either in the attic or basements, may have been infected without your knowledge.

Whatever the reason for a roach infestation, it's certainly not something you want to deal with in a new home. The best way to eliminate roach control issues is to consult with a pest control professional. 

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