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Prepare your yard for your July 4th BBQ

If you are like most people, you are going to host an outdoor event July 4 for your friends and family to enjoy. Although having a cookout is a great way to celebrate and to make the most of the event, you might encounter some pests this year if you are not careful. Pests of all shapes and sizes will come out to cause trouble, and the problem will quickly progress if you don't take steps to stop it. Keeping pests under control, however, is not always easy. To point you in the right direction, we are going to cover some of the most common pests you will encounter and what to do about them.


Ticks are tiny parasites that will sit on the edge of a branch, weed or blade of grass and wait until a suitable host gets within range. When a person or animal gets too close, the tick will attach itself and consume the blood of its new host. Since these insects can carry a range of diseases, you will want to do your best to keep them away from your yard and guests. If you have pets, using a shampoo that repels insects can help, but you can also spray insecticides around your home. Not all products will provide you with the best results, so you will need to try several brands until you find something that works well.


Of all the insects that you are likely to encounter, mosquitoes can be the most annoying. Each bite can cause itching and skin irritation, but mosquitoes can also transmit a range of harmful pathogens that you will want to avoid. By going online or to your local store, you won't have any problems locating sprays, candles, and creams that promise to keep the pests away. Although some of them can work well, you will need to keep reapplying the spray or cream if you don't want to get bit. Since mosquitoes reproduce in the water, address puddles that are in or near your property to reduce the mosquito population in your area.

ABC Exterminating

If you are not willing to take any risks during your July 4 cookout, you can turn to a trusted expert to secure your yard from the threat. At ABC Exterminating, our team is committed to finding and eliminating ticks, mosquitoes and any other pests that are bothering you. Once we complete our process, you will have peace of mind because you will know that the invaders won't stand a chance. Your guests will be amazed when they see what we have done for you, and they will appreciate the effort. If you have any questions or want to get started, give us a call right away.

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